Why Marriage is For Me

Marriage has moved my life in a stunning, profound way; in ways that couldn’t be had I not been married. The things I’ve heard or have been told while I was single never altered the beauty I believed God created in marriage. I remember things like, “Enjoy your singleness while you still can!” or “marriage isn’t all that.” Despite what a lot of people said about it, this is why marriage is absolutely for me.

Marriage is for me, because it so knowingly exposes every crevasse of my sinful heart, making the necessity for Gods intervention—which draws me closer to Him.

Marriage is for me, because I struggle with accepting help and resting. My husband helps burn down my stubborn walls—which produces humility.

Marriage is for me, because we’re both experiencing conformity to the image of Christ still, which means there’s still sin in our lives so we’ll hurt each other. This teaches me grace upon grace—the same grace God gives me everyday.

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