a little about me

I reside in Fort Worth, TX with my sweet husband and two cats. I’m a 3rd year special education teacher and I have a deep passion for helping children with disabilities and have been in the field for 7 years. I’m also a writer, believer in Jesus Christ, jog-aholic, wellness enthusiast (visit my group here), rare disease patient, and I believe in the power of being kind. I’m a type A personality and I always find a clean and tidy home bliss. I love doing life with family and close friends and I think laughter is the best medicine.

my purpose in the blog

Launched in 2012, I have created this site to be a safe place for you to come and be encouraged. A place to give you inspiration on living a healthy life in faith, mind, body and spirit. I know deep pain in both the physical and emotional sense, and I’m here to say that neither has to keep us in a stronghold for life. The stories that you will find here are centered around chronic pain, mental health, teaching, and faith.

obstacles in my life

I was diagnosed with Devics disease (a rare disease) in 2019 which can cause me to become blind and or paralyzed. It caused me to become half-blind in 2019 and has definitely been my most difficult struggle in life thus far. In 2013, I also battled with Lupus for several years, which led to a battle in mental health that I am very transparent about in this blog as well.

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126 thoughts on “I’m so glad you’re here

    1. I’m going through a family situation, and when I read, “Let it Fall. . .Perfect is the teardrop when it belongs to God.”
      I just started to cry. . .it really spoke to me and I’m letting it all out to the Lord. I know God is carrying my tears.
      Thank you so much Darla.

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      1. He is carrying your tears. He really is. (Psalm 56:8)

        I wrote the poem for a friend who lost her sister-in-law in a head-on collision on a rainy morning. A young man in the other car was killed, too. It’s been a tough time for that family. I hope your time soon turns from tears to joy.


        1. Oh my heart is heavy for them. . .I am saying a special prayer for them tonight.
          Have a good night, and thank you for your kind remarks.
          In Him,


  1. As I was reading this I clicked on the link to your sister’s blog to find out that I already subscribe to her’s as well! How funny that I am now following the both of you. God bless you!

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