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I reside in Fort Worth, TX with my husband and two cats. When I was little, I had big dreams of becoming an astronaut or a singer/songwriter. Life happened, and now I’m a special education teacher. I believe in the power of holistic wellness, prayer, exercise, and being kind. I love doing life with family and close friends and I think laughter is the best medicine. I suffer from lupus & a rare disease. My stories aim to encourage people.

Launched in 2012 as a community for Christians, teachers, holistic hippies, chronic-illness spoonies, mental health sufferers, and rare disease patients.

If any of the above sounds like you – you’re in the right spot if you want to know that you’re not alone, especially because I’m someone who is all of the above and the stories you’ll read here come straight from my heart to yours.

Why should you read this blog + what will you get out of it?

If you need support, need to vent, or need some general good ole’ warming to the heart, you’ll feel right at home here. Expect encouragement through tough curve-balls. Emotional writing. Hopefully no tears.

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    1. I’m going through a family situation, and when I read, “Let it Fall. . .Perfect is the teardrop when it belongs to God.”
      I just started to cry. . .it really spoke to me and I’m letting it all out to the Lord. I know God is carrying my tears.
      Thank you so much Darla.

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      1. He is carrying your tears. He really is. (Psalm 56:8)

        I wrote the poem for a friend who lost her sister-in-law in a head-on collision on a rainy morning. A young man in the other car was killed, too. It’s been a tough time for that family. I hope your time soon turns from tears to joy.


        1. Oh my heart is heavy for them. . .I am saying a special prayer for them tonight.
          Have a good night, and thank you for your kind remarks.
          In Him,


  1. As I was reading this I clicked on the link to your sister’s blog to find out that I already subscribe to her’s as well! How funny that I am now following the both of you. God bless you!

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    1. He he, why thank you so much. I try to make it warm and inviting as I want readers to enjoy there read and hopefully be impacted by something through our Lord Jesus!


  2. Thank you for your like of my post. You are very kind.
    Pastor/Equipping The Saints
    Philippians 3:10, “That I might know Him”


  3. Hi Sav I wanted to leave a comment about David but you have closed them, I often have people even years later commenting on my Posts, especially if I give them the link when they are sharing about something that gels with a Post I have written before, it saves my comment from being a book .

    It was a blessing to read about your friendship with David and your kindness to him, age brings with it life wisdom (see link below )and if we ask we receive God’s wisdom but this is for any age.

    Our Senior years-

    God does not plan evil for us or hard times but He does bring good out of everything, I live in a very ungodly Neighborhood and have often been abused and at one time physically and I can say honestly, I was not responsible, even the Police told me to move for my own protection.

    But God is bringing good out of what seemed to be a hopeless situation, both the woman that abused me, including the one that bashed me, are now my friends and also the men who abused me verbally have in their own way apologized. Their Children who live close by come and visit me often and bring their friends and I share with them about Jesus and how much He Loves them and that I do too, they use to call me Aunty Anne, now it’s Granny Annie, I think I’m getting old!….. How good is that!

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    1. That was a quick fix! I didn’t know I had that box check marked for “no responses after 2 weeks.” woopsie.
      Sorry about that.
      Thank you very much. Oh my, Anne. . .you are one of the strongest women I have come in contact with by your boldness and courage in sharing the most vulnerable times of your life. Thank you. I am glad you are well firstly, and secondly that you’re ministering to others, who anyone else could have easily kept at a distance or kept them as “enemies.”
      I am about to read your post. :)
      Blessings and a Happy New year!


  4. Savannah,

    Isn’t is wonderful that God knows exactly what we need and provides it at exactly the right time. God’s precious and Eternal Word, even though it was penned thousand’s of years ago, is so relevant for today. His Word never changes and always provides His children with guidance, comfort, joy, peace, contentment, courage, faith, hope, patience, wisdom and trust to name only a few of the numerous ways that God, our Creator and Sustainer, provides for those who are His.

    While reading your response I was reminded of Provers 2:5-7, “Then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God. For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. He holds victory in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless”. Before I forget, I would like to personally thank you for reading and liking my devotional “The Wrong Diagnosis”. Here is wishing you a prosperous New Year and one that will be blessed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in all your endeavors, and that He will keep you safe and in His precious care.

    In His (Christ) Service – Mikey

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    1. It is truly wonderful how God does that.
      I loved your post. You are quite welcome.
      I wish you a Happy New Year and all my best wishes! You are so kind for your well wishes. I thank you.
      Sister in Christ, Sav


  5. I have to tell you, when I stumbled upon this post, I had my coffee at hand because it was late at night but I also was already feeling tired. God kept me up to read it. And I needed it. I kept thinking ‘what is my life.’ I kept thinking, am I following Gods will? But then I thought, I delight in Him, I love Him, I do my best to bring Him glory. . .and I felt Gods tap on my shoulder. I felt his spirit engulf me all of a sudden and I didn’t feel lonely or doubtful- I just felt warm, and good. I’m not certain we’ll ever get the GO green light on exactly of our plans, but in a spiritual sense and what you were talking about- we know by following God, bringing Him glory in all things, saying our prayers. . .
    Thank you again,

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