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I reside in Fort Worth, TX with my husband and two cats. When I was little, I had big dreams of becoming an astronaut or a singer/songwriter. Life happened, and now I’m a special education teacher. I believe in the power of holistic wellness, prayer, exercise, and being kind. I love doing life with family and close friends and I think laughter is the best medicine. Besides teaching, writing has always been something that helps me express myself and I thoroughly enjoy it. I suffer from lupus & a rare disease. The stories you’ll read here aim to encourage you.

This blog was launched in 2012 and is a community for Christians, teachers, holistic hippies, chronic-illness patients and mental health sufferers.

If you need support, need to vent, or need some general good ole’ warming to the heart, you’ll feel right at home here. Expect encouragement through tough curve-balls. Emotional writing. Hopefully no tears.

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Be encouraged, friend.

– Savannah

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