Marriage has moved my life in a stunning, profound way; in ways that couldn’t be had I not been married. The things I’ve heard or have been told while I was single never altered the beauty I believed God created in marriage. I remember things like, “Enjoy your singleness while you still can!” or “marriage isn’t all that.” Despite what a lot of people said about it, this is why marriage is absolutely for me.

Marriage is for me, because it so knowingly exposes every crevasse of my sinful heart, making the necessity for Gods intervention—which draws me closer to Him.

Marriage is for me, because I struggle with accepting help and resting. My husband helps burn down my stubborn walls—which produces humility.

Marriage is for me, because we’re both experiencing conformity to the image of Christ still, which means there’s still sin in our lives so we’ll hurt each other. This teaches me grace upon grace—the same grace God gives me everyday.

Marriage is for me, because though I sometimes fail my husband, his patience has shown me a bigger picture of our marriage—Christ’s patience with me.

Marriage is for me, because it is a constant call to walk in love, especially towards my husband. Jesus gave a simple command to, “love your neighbor as yourself.” I should love my spouse well, as he is my closest—dearest neighbor.

Marriage is for me, because he pushes me to continue in the road God wills for me. He is my constant encourager and I need that because I am my worst critic.

Marriage is for me, because though I teach children every day to be kind, I sometimes forget to follow this command myself to my husband which creates conviction—and conviction is good here and there.

Marriage is for me, because he makes any kind of bitter illness sweeter. When I go through rough health days, I have a hand to hold in the afternoon, his warmth at night, and someone to catch my tears before they fall in my morning coffee.

Marriage is for me, because he sharpens me and isn’t afraid to gently hurt my feelings to make me better—and I can always be better.

Marriage is for me, because it burns through the not so good wrinkles of my heart, ironing it out—up and down, left to right. And though it sears sometimes, there are parts that need to be burned.

My husband likes to remind me of how a pearl is formed when I’m going through anything painful. It’s a grueling process once a grain of sand or something foreign slips into the oysters shell causing it to get so irritated that it continuously tries to cover the irritant with nacre, and it keeps doing this for years. The pearl is formed from long-suffering.

Marriage can produce beautiful things; a whole new pearl if you allow it.

Marriage is for me, because going through long distance pains, newborn life on his side, loss and a funeral on mine, two moves, new jobs, wedding planning woes albeit a beautiful wedding, health struggles, family feuds that never end on my side, and letting go of bad habits have been more worthwhile together.

Together. It’s so much better than doing it alone—the good and the bad.

Marriage is for me because in the end, I am with someone who pushes me to be holier, to love God deeper, and to love others better. After all, if we don’t love people we can see, how can we love God, whom we cannot see? (1 John 4:20).

Marriage is for me, like God is for me, not against me. He knew in the beginning the goodness he was creating when he said, “It is not good for man to be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him” (Genesis 2:18). And for all these reasons, marriage is completely and incandescently for me—and I’m so glad I said yes.

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  1. What a beautiful post – thank you. I love “marriage is a constant call to walk in love”. That summarises it for me. Along with the constant help & encouragement to be a better person.

    I love being married, & marriage is for me too. And husband believes it is for him, he was telling the younger, more cynical guy at work that he was “deliriously happy being married,” & not to knock it.


  2. Savannah, marriage is a 60/40 deal. If both give 60% the formula works. the math is not perfect, the marriage is not perfect but giving in 60% of the time makes a big difference. 40 years here,,, keep up with all you do.

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