5 Ways to Spend Yourself Poorly – Written by Seth Silvers

Below is re-blog of an article that touched me in many ways. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. It is originally written by Seth Silvers.

 5 ways to spend yourself poorly

Written By: Seth Silvers Marketing Director at Heartwork – Recently graduated from Oral Roberts University and now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. He loves telling the stories of what God is doing among people that are spending themselves for His sake.
Written By: Seth Silvers
Marketing Director at Heartwork – Recently graduated from Oral Roberts University and now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. He loves telling the stories of what God is doing among people that are spending themselves for His sake.

Just the other day, I went for a run in the Colorado mountains. Snow, rocks, and mud covered the trail making it critical for me to watch where my feet hit the ground. I am out of shape, and I needed to run, but I could not let my goal to finish blind me from where my feet were landing along the way.

When it comes to pursuing the plans God has for your  life, moving towards them is essential, but it is not enough. If you are hiking a mountain, mindlessly running to the top does not guarantee a successful climb. You have to watch where your feet are going, what’s in front and beneath you to identify the obstacles ahead.

It is common for young people to simply let life happen, not making an effort to prepare ourselves for the future. But God has called young people to live with intentionality, using the gifts that He has given to pave the way for His will in our lives. Often, we commit to a life of sacrifice, but are unaware of the destructive roadblocks hindering our journey.

2892017871_796e8541d4_bToo often, we start running toward our future and wonder how we were wounded when we never watched where our feet were going. Running towards the plans God has for you is necessary, but it is not enough. As you commit to spending yourself in ways that change the world, it is essential to identify the obstacles that may hinder you from spending yourself well.

Here are 5 common roadblocks to avoid as we live the adventurous life God has called us to:

1. Overcommitment 

        When you overcommit, you disable yourself from doing anything with excellence. The more  things you add to your plate, the less joy you will find in what you are doing. Our broken world needs you to do your best at less, rather than do average at much. Less is more if less is done well.

2. Under-commitment

        There is a balance between overcommitment and under-commitment that is impossible to find without the Holy Spirit but is very possible to find because He is with us. When you choose not to give your full effort to what you commit to, you give yourself an excuse to not act and it becomes easy to feed ourselves the lie that we are not capable of changing the world. Find ways to fill your time which challenge you to be more, give more, and live more fully.

3. Underestimating God

       Often, we fail to trust in God’s sovereignty to accomplish what needs to be done; we try to fill in for Him by taking on too much, and intervening where we see fit, all the while forgetting what God is capable of doing. When we underestimate God’s strength, it becomes easy to try and take on the responsibility of  being “God”. Remember the same God who empowers us with strength is “able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).

4. Spending Yourself Later

        Waiting for the perfect time to pursue your dreams is a sure way to watch your dreams fade or eventually die. Telling yourself that you will “do it later” or ““when this or that happens” often create excuses to hide behind in order to remain idle. Waiting for things to line up perfectly before you are willing to jump and act requires no faith, no trust, and no God. Be willing to spend your life in a way that changes the world now, and give God an opportunity to provide, protect, and lead you, starting today.

5. Doing It Alone

        At some point in your life, you realize accountability and mentorship are vital; embracing that fact at a young age will only benefit your future. An ancient proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

God has placed dreams in your heart that will help to restore the broken world we live in. Can we commit to personally run towards our dreams with wisdom? Lets commit to not be afraid to move and also not be willing to run without watching our step.

Written by Seth Silvers, Marketing Director at HEARTWORK



17 thoughts on “5 Ways to Spend Yourself Poorly – Written by Seth Silvers

  1. Well Savannah this was an amazing post! I personally enjoy list-posts so this one really hit home. It reminds me of a line in the song, “You Revive Me,” by Passion led by Kim-Walker Smith ( I think) from the White Flag album. It says, “And I’ll spend myself till I’m empty and poor, All for You, You revive me Lord.” At the film school/company I learned at and worked for I overspent myself so as a victim of step 1 I’ve learned to harness the power of saying, “No,” and equally consider myself as important as others. The tricky part is deciding when to think of myself first and when to think of others first.

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    1. Hi there!
      I enjoyed the lists too- this was all written by Seth Silvers, btw.
      I think that we should always put others before us, but we should be wise in that we are first healthy in the Lord and aren’t completely broken before we help others. The people that are broken (we all are in some way) but they depend on you for strength (that’s really God’s strength, not our own) so that they may have hope to get through their own struggle. How can we give our best help if we haven’t let go of our own control and or struggles up to God?


    2. Couldn’t agree more! Making sure that we’re strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in order to be properly equipped to help others is the way to go, right?


  2. These are great points. Pursuing what God has called us to is not enough. There needs to be a careful planning and thinking behind our moving and there also needs to be an awareness of obstacles in our way.
    Thanks Savannah and may God direct your steps as you pursue everything God has put in your heart.



    1. Thank you for your well wishes. No need to thank me :) Just God!! And the author. He really hit some great points.


    2. Thank you for your words and encouragement! I agree totally with what you said! Every one of these points needs to be balanced with a awareness of our dependency on the Holy Spirit to guide us, but we need not be afraid to move.


    3. Hey Seth
      I am really enjoying your blog. The stories you share with us are so challenging. Keep up the great work! Do you know the people you share about personally???


    4. I think I am replying to this in the wrong spot..but that’s okay. I am new. I am so glad you are enjoying our blog! Many of the stories are people I know, but not all. Our stories come from a team of external writers (of which I have handpicked and know) and they pull stories from people they meet on their journey that fit into the theme of encouraging, inspiring and equipping people to live sacrificially for the benefit of others. I am encouraged each time a post goes live!


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